Kristen Hoover

In Pursuit of Harmony

Holistic Development of Horse and Rider

Let’s Dance

Come dance with me

     my fiery steed.

Let’s prance together

     let neither lead.

With graceful moves

     well defined,

the music

     of our souls combined.

Upon your back

     may I ride,

our motion

     together, our mood describe.

The artist

     and medium shall become,

in an instant,, 

As our audience

     come undone.

We paint a picture

     feather light,

A twenty by sixty

     canvas bright.

To show the brilliance

     display our thought,

no sign

     of all the hours wrought.

          Let no one

guess the strength it takes,

Let only

      passions in them awake.

To dare.

      To dream. To reach those heights,

to risk

      the fall but win the right.

To take us further

      to truly enhance,

the urge in all

      to learn to dance.

~Kristen Hoover 

 Currently located out of Parkersburg, WV


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